Globe control valve BR 11

The globe control valve BR 11 is used in automated, industrial installations to control the flow of gases and liquids.The wide range of materials and the various configuration options make this valve very popular in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

High-performance control valve BR 12

The high-performance control valve BR 12 is used in automated industrial installations to control the flow of steam, gases and liquids. The wide range of materials, different configuration options and excellent pressure and temperature parameters allow the valve to be used even under the most difficult operating conditions and make it especially popular in the power plant sector.

3-way valve BR 13

The 3-way control valve BR 13 is used to mix (BR 13 M) or divide (BR 13R) media streams. It can be used in a broad range of industry sectors.

Rotary plug valve BR 33

The range of applications of the rotary plug valve BR 33 corresponds to the "normal" stroke valve, but it can also be used for many specialist applications. This valve is specifically used to regulate the flow of media containing solids in automated  industrial installations.

Pressure regulator ZSN (self-operated regulator)

Series ZSN pressure regulators are used for flow control in heating systems and in industrial and process technology of water and steam (max. 200°C) and non-flammable gases (max. 80°C) They operate through pre-set downstream pressure (ZSN 1) or upstream pressure (ZSN 3) without auxiliary power (controlled by the transported media).

Pneumatic actuators P/R and P1/R1

The pneumatic multi-spring diaphragm actuators of P/R (pillar actuator) and P1/R1 (cast yoke) are used to control the control valves and other control elements in industrial automated systems.

Standard control valve BR 51

Single-ported globe control valves type BR51 are used in automatic and remote control systems to control flow of gases and liquids.

Lined Valves

We can supply control valves with PTFE or PFA lining with the help of our partners.Contact us, we are pleased to help you.